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A Hidden Child's Success Story - George E Dorin, Marion A Dorin

A Hidden Child's Success Story - George E Dorin, Marion A Dorin

George E. Dorin is the author of this memoir. He was born in Paris, France in 1936. He and his sister survived the Holocaust during World War II. His parents and his whole family perished. He was an eye witness to his father and his mother being taken and had to be hidden for safety.

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for A Hidden Child's Success Story at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews ... by George E Dorin. Format: Paperback Change. Price: $9.99 + Free shipping with Amazon ... To my surprise, Marion Dorin, a local friend of mine mentioned that her husband's book had just published and ...

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Usha C. V. Haley & George T. Haley & David M. Boje, 2019. "We Need Globalization to Feed the Hungry," World Scientific Book Chapters, in: Storytelling in the Global Age There is No Planet B, chapter 2, pages 23-36, World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd.. Usha C. V. Haley & George T. Haley & David M. Boje, 2019.

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A Hidden Child's Success Story - George E Dorin, Marion A Dorin

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A Hidden Child's Success Story - George E Dorin, Marion A Dorin